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    • Clients: Agilista
    • Category: Consulates
    • Date:22 October 2021
    • Website:
    • Location:Dubai.
    • Duration:01 months.


Agilista is a provider of training and consultancy services specialized in Agile and Devops Transformation with head office in Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), UAE. We are a collaboration of consultants who are passionate about everything agile. We believe in the power of agile values and practices, and we are experienced in doing agile transformation at multiple levels from small to large size companies.During the past years, we witness how changes cultures & empowering people can boost their potential to a limit no one can imagine. We enjoyed the being part of companies’ transformation journey, not only as service provider fulfilling our services, but also as a partner who strives to deliver results and generate real business value to our clients.