10 Reasons to Build Your Own Business Website in 2022

If you own a business and don’t have a website, then you are already missing out on a lot of opportunities on your business. What if there are a lot of potential customers who are looking for your business online, but they can’t reach you? Of course this will eventually make them settle in the hands of a clever competitor.

In fact, not having a website to represent your business, not only deprives you of opportunities, but also creates risks for your business to disappear completely.

We are now living in the era of digital marketing, of which the Internet is the most important cultivation. In fact, the Internet has opened up a new world of marketing that did not exist before

All you have to do to understand the importance of your business presence on the Internet through a website, is to reflect on your daily life, and how the Internet enters everything in your life. Who among us does not use the Internet many times a day to access information and news, and who of us now does not search on the Internet before making any purchasing decision.

If you are seeking to help your business grow, increase your sales, and expand your customer circle, then you should create a website to represent your business.

10 reasons why you should build your own business website

You should build a website for your business or project because:

1- It helps to increase your customers significantly

According to statistics, 88% of consumers first search the Internet before making a purchase, and this includes online purchases, as well as online purchases.

This trend underscores the importance of a website for businesses today. When designing a website for your business, there is an opportunity for your site to appear in search results, and thus increase your sales, as your website displays your services or products in a marketing manner that attracts customers to deal with you, and thus your potential customers increase.

2- It gives you a professional appearance and credibility in front of your potential clients

According to a 2018 study, 75% of internet users rate the credibility of a business based on whether or not they own a website. People want to do business with a company they trust, and the website is the first place they go to look for company data, and understand what is presented in more detail.

The website provides your project with a professional appearance, through the organized presentation of the content in an attractive manner through (images – font – videos, and colors). Your website is your external appearance, and it is your electronic portal as it reflects the professionalism of providing your services or products, and with a unique design that also makes you distinct among your competitors. Through the website, you can display videos or photos to express what your project offers, and what distinguishes it from your competitors, and you can choose a distinctive design that shows your brand.

3- It gives you a detailed and more accurate visit analysis about customers and their identity

By owning a website… you will be able to know a detailed report on the number of visits to your site, the category of visitors, what they saw most on your site, the duration of their visit, and many information about your site’s performance every period. Through this data and information, you can get a lot of ideas about your potential customers, their behaviors and requirements, and then develop your business to match those and your customers.

4- It enables you to be always present in front of your customers 24/7 without the limits of place or time

When you have a website, your services or products always appear on the Internet, because your site is on the Internet throughout the day and already contains a lot of information about what is provided. Also, through the website, anyone can reach you from anywhere, as there are no limits to a specific place in which to market your products or services. The website here serves as a permanent advertiser about your services and products.

5- It gives you complete control over the way you display your services or products

Many project owners are content with creating pages for their projects on social media, but in fact this is not enough. Through social networking sites, you will not be completely free to display what is presented, but owning a website allows you to fully control the form of content, how it is presented and divided, and what you want to draw the attention of your customers to.

Through your site, you can freely control all the possible elements to highlight the value of what you offer.

6- It gives you a professional channel for continuous and rapid communication with your customers

By creating a professional website that represents your project or business, you are thus opening between you and your current and potential clients a new channel of direct communication. When your customers face a problem or have a question or inquiry about the above, they can enter your site directly, and send a direct message via the Contact Us page.

It has also been proven that entrepreneurs who own websites get a lot of suggestions and ideas from clients.

On the other hand, you can communicate with your customers by displaying the latest news and improvements to your site. Of course, if you want to go to a more professional level, you can do surveys on your site, and you can also create a mailing list, and then communicate with your customers through e-mail.

7- It gives you a professional email for your business

Having a website, you will be able to create a professional email address in the name of your project. Yes, everyone can create a free email through one of the available services such as Gmail, but here we are talking about a professional email address that contains the name of the business or the brand.

Here is an example showing the difference between the two:

Free email address: ahmed@gmail.com

Professional email address: ahemd@brand.com

Of course, you can omit the word brand and replace it with your brand name. You can use professional e-mail to deal with all matters related to your project, such as:

Receive resumes when you need more employees to work for your project.

Receive complaints, suggestions and inquiries from existing and potential customers, and respond to them.

Communicate with suppliers from whom you get the products you sell.

8- It is an essential component of every marketing process

Yes, you can do marketing for your project through social networking sites, but your website is the last stop where you should pour all your marketing efforts, and it is the place where customers can really understand what is presented completely and clearly. Your website is the element that you fully own, that you can control completely, and that is the element through which a visitor becomes a customer.

9- It gives you a competitive advantage

There is no practical field that does not contain competition, so every smart business owner should always strive to possess competitive advantages. Having a website is a great competitive advantage. Whether your competitors have websites or not, you must own a website and work on using it in the best possible way to develop your business, and achieve more success.

10- It won’t cost you much money

Contrary to popular belief, websites do not cost much money. Given the marketing benefits that can be reaped, the website is well worth the cost. In fact, the return on investment in creating a website is higher than other advertising methods in most cases.

There are a lot of ways to create a website, and using WordPress is one of the easiest and cheapest way.

Learn a simple and easy explanation of the steps to create a professional WordPress site.

With this, I have finished my article on the ten most powerful reasons why you should design a website for your business. I hope this article will help many who don’t know how important it is to have a website.

I am very happy to receive any question or inquiry through the comments below, and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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